Dead Sea Body Care Sets

Give the gift of luxurious skincare with Arianna Skincare's Dead Sea Gift Set, a curated collection of premium body care products infused with the restorative minerals of the Dead Sea. Each set includes a selection of nourishing body wash, body scrub, body butter, and more, offering a complete skincare regimen that cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes the skin. Perfect for any occasion, this gift set is a thoughtful way to introduce loved ones to the natural beauty benefits of the Dead Sea.

Each product within the Dead Sea Gift Set is formulated with a blend of Dead Sea minerals, natural oils, and botanical extracts, ensuring that every step of the skincare routine not only pampers the skin but also promotes its health and vitality. The minerals are known for their therapeutic properties, aiding in skin regeneration, hydration, and nourishment, making this gift set an ideal choice for those who appreciate the power of natural skincare. Surprise someone special with Arianna Skincare's Dead Sea Gift Set, or treat yourself to a spa-like experience at home. This beautifully packaged set provides everything needed for a comprehensive body care routine, leaving skin feeling soft, rejuvenated, and radiant. Experience the wonders of the Dead Sea and share the joy of healthy, glowing skin with this exquisite gift set.


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Mineral Hydration Body Set
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Rejuvenate Nail Treatment Kit Bag
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The Collagen Boost Eye Duo  *Limited Edition*
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Dreamskin Recipe Gift Set
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Feel Good Cleanse and Lift Duo
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Brightening Ritual Gift Set
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The Corrective Night and Day Eye Duo
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Morning Glow Gift Set
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Collagen Boost Set
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Undo The Damage - Face & Eye Set
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The Collagen Transformation Set
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The Limited Edition Full Body Gift Set
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Skin Hydration Deluxe Trio Gift Set
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