You shed about 5,000 dead skin cells each day on your face alone. Your skin naturally moves dead skin cells up to the uppermost epidermis of the skin in a biological process that, if not exfoliated properly, can result in excess breakouts, roughness, a dull complexion, uneven skin tone, and premature aging.

One aspect of aiding in this process is to naturally allow the skin to shed the dead cells. However, because your facial skin undergoes more daily stress than the rest of your body – including exposure to UV rays, pollutants, with numerous muscles working tirelessly in expression and speaking – giving the skin the boost it needs in order to maintain a healthy glow, pH balance, and cellular renewal, can make or break the natural functions of repair and balance. In other words, it needs a little help.

The problem is, everyone’s skin is different, meaning one might be shedding skin cells at a faster, drier rate, than another person, who might have more oily skin, and may need different kinds of exfoliators, moisturizers, etc.  

Being able to look in the mirror alone would be a fabulous way to assess exactly what your skin needs in order to bring out its best. However, it’s not so simple, and it’s the reason why there are professionals trained in helping you determine the best way to care for your skin: estheticians, licensed professionals that provide a timeless and priceless service in the support of your skin’s health. They are the essential factor in facial treatments, which here at Arianna, we have scientifically found is a fundamental service that should be performed regularly to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best.


Without a professional consultation, you might think you have dry skin, but you actually might be more of a combination/oily type. This is why regular treatments are so important.

Investing in your skin care should be a top priority. But leave it to the professionals to help guide you. Licensed Estheticians who have been in the biz for many years have seen it all – mistreated skin, over exfoliated pores, over-stripped, unbalanced sebum levels – they’re trained to ensure your investments benefit your #1 priority; you.

The top reasons to invest in a regular skin treatment schedule?

1. Spot the spots. Regular facial treatments with your Esthetician are as important as getting your teeth checked, or your regular medical check-up. Not only are you investing in rejuvenation, reparation, and revival, but your skin care therapist is also trained to spot irregularities in your skin, ones you might oversee on a regular basis, preventing any long-term issues that might just get overlooked. Spots or moles that might need a closer look from a dermatologist are important to find at any age, not just as one gets older.

  1. Prime exfoliation techniques. Long gone are the days of harsh almond meal scrubs and scratchy baking soda. Seeing your esthetician will ensure you undergo the top of the line and latest exfoliation techniques, to help you reveal smoother, fresher, and plumper skin. When done correctly, the proper exfoliation techniques can increase collagen production, promote healthy blood flow to the dermal layer, and reveal younger looking skin without compromising the landscape of the epidermis. Chemical exfoliators tend to be the go-to for estheticians during skin care treatments, as they more evenly dissolve dead skin cells that need to be sloughed away.

    3. The manipulation of massage. Before bouncing over to Botox, regular facials can turn back the signs of aging using natural techniques. Massage manipulations that pull from Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Lymphatic Drainage methods, Chinese medicine, and Trigger Point therapy, all utilize ancient and time-tested techniques that help control the facial muscles, maneuver away toxins, and increase blood flow, helping to bring more collagen and nutrients to the skin’s surface while erasing fine lines. Many estheticians also use tools like Jade Gua Sha, Ice Rollers, the High Frequency, and the Microcurrent to help manipulate muscles and to tone skin.
  1. Top notch Products. Our skin care experts may not only be your trusted advisors, skin care refiners, and fine line erasers, they are also the ultimate skin care guinea pig. Her/his job requires them to make sure the product they are using will produce outstanding and distinguished results. These experts undergo training that requires them to learn about various skin care ingredients and formulas, allowing them to recognize products that will be effective and compliment your skin type. This type of information is essential for home care, and can maintain the post-treatment outcome of your skin long after your treatment. Some of the top products on the market today contain eminent ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, and Collagen, all wildly important in the anti-aging regimen. Arianna’s top products are even recommended by our own in-house Master Esthetician, including the Collagen Boost Eye Serum Treatment, and a personal favorite, the Collagen Boost Repair Mask, both essentials in regular daily and weekly use between your facial treatments.

    5. Make it a monthly ritual. It takes 28 days for the skin to reveal results from a new product or regimen, making 4-6 weeks a fundamental time between treatments. See it as a self-care investment: investing in regular treatments ensures a skin care routine you can trust, and allows your skin to live up to its upmost potential. It’s an absolute win-win. There are numerous types of facials offered by spas, including Facial Acupuncture, Hydrafacials, Laser Therapies, LED Light Therapy, Microcurrent Facials, Holistic Facials with tons of massage, Mini Facials for your lunch break pampering - the possibilities are diverse and the tailored treatment of your choice exists – you just have to go out there and get what is yours.

    At Arianna we take your skin very seriously, and we’ve provided the first step to help you get your skin a perfect routine for optimal health, lifestyle, and a daily balance. Thankfully, you can easily book complimentary consultations in store or on the phone.

Book your complimentary IN STORE skin consultation.

Book your complimentary PHONE consultation.

We’ve created a specific skin care system with you in mind, factoring in all types of skin and what different people might need, curating various lines and combinations of products that will facilitate an appropriate routine for you. We’re always here, and always ready for your best to shine through.

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