Hi everyone! Happy New Year! For the first blog post of the year, I wanted to talk about a subject that has been on everyone’s mind and one I’m experienced and have been advocating for a very long time.

As soon as I was diagnosed with cancer, my doctors recommended me to remove all products containing synthetic materials from home. The task didn’t seem so difficult at the beginning, but during chemotherapy treatment, I experienced a lot of dreadful issues with my skin; it became incredibly dry, with recurrent cracking and bleeding. Plus, with the weight gain, stretch-marks covered my entire body.

That was the time I noticed the lack of serious skin care products without industrial chemicals. This experience was what inspired me to create an all-natural skincare collection, with products based on the healing power of the Dead Sea minerals. That was 15 years ago; by now a growing number of consumers are rejecting chemical-filled products for more natural alternatives, and there’s also a lot more options in the market for this audience. But some people still wonder: “Are natural skin care products effective”?


As a starter of a discussion, ask yourself: if you had two products, a natural and a chemical-based one, and you see and feel the same results, which one would you choose? And if you also knew that in the long term, the chemical product might bring you some prejudice to your health and increase the probability of developing allergies and side effects? The truth is that we already know that “greener” products are better for our bodies – and for the planet. The issue is that before, as aforementioned, it was very hard to find skin care products with real and proven benefits, but now is not.

To replace the most common and harmful chemicals in skin care products – such as parabens, synthetic colors, phthalates, and even formaldehyde there are multiple high-performance natural ingredients. It’s very important to stress that “natural”, contrary to the common sense, does not mean “simple”, or “less scientific”. In fact, synthetic ingredients are made trying to imitate the properties of natural ingredients in a cheaper, massive way, so you don’t need to doubt the effectiveness of natural ingredients! While on the other side, more and more researches are appearing relating chemicals used in beauty products to diseases such as cancer.

Most natural products have powerful antioxidants that assist in slowing down the aging process and contribute to a healthier, glowing skin. Natural skin care products are made from non-artificial ingredients like natural oils, plants, extracts, fruit acids, and even from minerals and mud from the Dead Sea.


Since ancient time, people have used the mineral-rich water, salt, and mud for curative, cosmetic, and therapeutic treatments in order to enhance their appearance and to treat a variety of skin disorders. For decades, experts have known that the Dead Sea is the world’s richest source of revitalizing salts, minerals and trace elements, some of which are unique to the Dead Sea. Many of the minerals are vitally important and the unique composition of Dead Sea salts and mud is of great value in both general skincare and in the treatment of problematic skin.


Of course, that are specific situations that call for chemicals or more invasive treatments to effectively treat a specific skin issue. Your doctor is always the best person to indicate these products and treatments.

Because of my story I learned this lesson in the hard way and made my mission to help others on the path of a healthier and more natural life. Be smart when choosing what use on your skin and actually do yourself good in the process.


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