I remember the sounds, the warmth in the air and as the sun started to set, the cold air of the breeze. I remember silent steps and moments filled with love. As a young girl I used to walk with my mother by the beach during this time of year, just before it became too warm. We used to live nearby it which was wonderful, we could go whenever we wanted, stretch our muscles and be filled with the delightful scenery. Just me, and my mother. Even though I live far away from her nowadays, these moments we used to share are cherished in my heart forever. In fact, I just came back from a visit back home in Israel and I can tell you one thing - I might have grown up a little ever since the long walks by the beach, and my mother have grown older, but the atmosphere remains still, and we love these strolls.


I recall lying in the hospital bed, and going through chemotherapy, my mother was always next to me. I was only 17 and I was so scared, but I was never scared to be left alone in this, I've always known she'll be there when I wake up. You don't choose your mother, and she doesn't choose you. Nonetheless, it seems like the match was made in heaven. It always mesmerizes me, the connection and the unexplainable bond. It doesn't necessarily have to be close physically, nor mentally in fact, but the security you have when you know your mother will always be there, she will always care and you can always rely on her, even in the worst times.

Miri and her mom

Once a year (even though I believe we should make it times 365) we mark Mother's Day and give it up to our mothers, the most important woman in our lives. Some like to buy gifts, some like to give a joyful card and some like to take their mom out to dinner. Personally, I love skincare, I'm sure it's no surprise but I love taking my mom to a fulfilling day at the Spa. We are usually half a world apart so I make sure to take her whenever we're together. This year, just a week ago during my visit in Israel, after enjoying a day at the Dead-Sea together, we decided to do something different which I'd like to share with you all. Instead of going to the Day Spa, we decided to create our own at home. It almost cost nothing, and was so much nicer since we had to spend time together in making something! We decided we should create our own body-scrub at home and it turned out to be such a success that I've already repeated after getting back to New-York. Home-Made-Body-Scrub Recipe What you'll need is: 3\4 cup (brown) sugar 1\4 cup sea salt 1\2 oil of your choice (I prefer olive) 1\2 cup Silan 4 lemons Mix all ingredients together, adding the lemon juice last. You can also use the lemon peel for a zest. 2 teaspoons should do it. When you're done, light up some candles, put on some great music that you both love and enjoy the feeling!

Happy Mother's day card: To all Moms, all over the world, THANK YOU!

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