Each person, I like to believe, has a set of beliefs and ground rules they are not willing to compromise on. The spiritual guidelines , unwritten agenda, that we follow towards a goal. When it comes to me, I think, this whole set of priorities is magnified. I do believe in a higher power and I do believe it is a good one, therefor, I’ve always tried to benefit myself but I’ve also known some things can be, and some things will be in the future.


This week I'm going to come the closest to achieving another goal of mine - get rid of a severe scar I was left with after a surgery after cancer. As you already know and as I've told before, chemotherapy is rough on the body, especially on a body of a 17 year old. I've been through hell and my body handled it in its own way. I've gained a lot of weight at once, what left me with a lot of skin imperfections, stretch marks and scars when my dimensions returned to normal. I've always wanted to get rid of the marks on my body, always. I’ve tried everything, I even went to Paris to try and see if the French elite cosmetology can help. Every direction I tried to go in resulted in despair, I've been told time after time that stretch marks can not be erased and scars rarely disappear. This was the hard truth for me, until my beloved Dr. suggested I should go through a ‘scar revision’ surgery to get rid of one scar I resent the most. Scar revision surgery is a procedure that is meant to reduce the appearance of deep scarring and old scars or repair the skin texture around abnormal scars. It is performed by opening up the old scar, removing infected\undesired tissue and sewing it back up. It is a moderate procedure and usually one does not choose to go thru it unless there is an actual need (danger to the area, deep imperfections of the skin or thickened scar tissue). It almost goes without saying that like every other surgery, this one includes some risks. like reaction to medication and breathing issues in the case of full anesthesia (which I will be going under), improper healing,  the worst as it seems to me - causing irreparable damage to deeper structures of the body like nerves, blood vessels, muscles etc.

Before and after scar removal


I can't say that I'm not scared. In fact, I'm terrified. I have adjusted my diet which is now mainly consisted of natural earth grown foods, I've also adjusted my meds and nutrients and am extra aware of my water intake - super important. I've done so much research lately, it's almost all I've been doing. It's a good advice though - always research the pros and cons of your upcoming surgery. Be prepared and know the risks, the side effects etc. It just might save your life or lead to a better wanted outcome. After the surgery I'm expecting an unpleasant recovery process which might take up to 2 weeks for the first phase. I bought a special "Active Scar Defense" sticker from Embrace which is supposed to loosen the tension on the scar and therefore help it heal better. Flawless is what I aim for! I'll keep you posted but in the meantime I want you to never forget, the most important thing is to never give up - some things are, some things aren't, and some will be.  


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