Even though the month of October has been flying by this season, you still have time to adjust your skincare routine to the time of year. We’ve been supporting the fight against breast cancer all month long, and, as a part of this initiative, we’re encouraging you to commit to your skin. Whether you’re planning to check yourself for symptoms of breast cancer or heal your skin after dealing with an illness of this kind, we have the information you need to take care of your body. The fall is one of the best times of year to change the way you approach skincare, so we’re also going to look at the different ways you can use seasonal trends to renew your skin this year.


The first item I think of when I hear the word October is bright orange pumpkins and the beautiful changing leaves that go with them in autumn every year. Because Halloween is another reason to love this month, you can use both these fall things and special days to rethink the way you approach your skincare routine. You can make sure your skin is healthy and happy this October and throughout the rest of the year by looking into the benefits plants like pumpkins offer your skin while adopting best practices when wearing makeup during the day or at night. Given that you should always be searching for new ways to nourish and clean your skin, we’re going to take a closer look at using the best of parts of fall to revamp your regime this autumn.


pumpkin seeds


In case you didn’t know that the ingredients in pumpkins contain benefits for your skin, you can start using this seasonal treat to fight back against the coldness and dryness of fall and winter. Fresh pumpkin gives your skin a healthy glow using its range of nutritious properties, where antioxidants like Vitamin A and Vitamin C help your skin look soft and smooth. By incorporating pumpkin into your daily routine this season, you can also start fighting the signs of aging and more. This skincare secret also includes fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids, which help your skin cells renew themselves while ramping up collagen production for a brighter complexion.  




You can integrate pumpkin into your skincare routine to give your skin a healthy glow while also keeping your face and body looking young and free from discoloration. As this time of year, especially with October 31st right around the corner, can put strain on your skin, use products with this ingredient to protect your skin before, during and after Halloween this season. Pumpkin seeds also have additional benefits alongside the ones you’ll get from the squash itself, as you can use ingredients like zinc to fight back against acne whether or not you deal with it regularly. If you start to break out as a result of wearing either your usual makeup or heavier makeup on the 31st, you can combat higher hormone levels and increased oil production with pumpkin.


When you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits that come with using pumpkin on your body, you’ll be on your way to strong, luminous skin. You can use its ingredients to prepare your skin for Halloween, fall and more to ensure you’re keeping your skin in the top-notch condition.


Here is an easy great recipe for a pumpkin face mask you can make yourself at home:


Step 1: Take cinnamon, brown sugar and coffee grounds and then mix these dry ingredients in a small bowl.


Step 2: Use a tablespoon of canned pumpkin to moisten the dry mixture.


Step 3: Add a touch of honey to the mix and stir the contents in the bowl.


Step 4: Apply the mask to your face using a spoon and then leave it on for a couple of minutes.


Step 5: Rinse the mask from your skin gently.


Step 6: Store the leftovers in the fridge and use them within the next few days.


Pumpkin Vitamin C facial Mask"


Even though fall brings wonderful weather, warm colors and excellent cooking, it also contributes to the inevitable decline of natural Vitamin D for your skin and your body. You can use pumpkin as a way to take care of your skin throughout the season although you’ll also need to condition your skin with Vitamin D regularly during the late fall and early winter. Because you can treat your skin with this essential nutrient externally, you have the option to choose a cream or face serum to apply to the surface of your skin. The way to nourish your body with Vitamin D internally includes consuming pills or liquid, so it’s up to you which avenue you take this year.  


I consume Vitamin D throughout the year, and, when fall starts every September, I’m even more careful about applying it to my face and body every morning and night. If you’re thinking about taking Vitamin D in the form of a pill, I like to use Sport Research, which includes ingredients like coconut oil, as it’s effective and you can get 260 tablets without spending too much money.


vitamin D3 capsules


I also keep my skin nourished during the fall and winter using our Active Vitamin D Serum, which is made for external use only and is designed to prevent dry and peeling skin. When you apply this healing serum in the morning and at the night, this natural solution will soothe your sensitive areas regardless of your skin type and keep your Skin healthy all season long.





Miri Torres


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