Hi everyone! In case you missed the blog about my birthday last week, I’ve created a special one for you to enjoy today. It was my 33rd birthday, and I couldn’t have been happier to share it my with my friends, business partners and readers in New York City.


Now that September is well underway, I can take a moment to 
commemorate my birthday and what it represents for me and my company. I feel so happy to be here in New York surrounded by loved ones, and I can’t wait to see what the next year of my life brings me. If you don’t already know about my history with cancer, I was diagnosed with lymphoma when I was a teenager. My time as a young girl was cut short because I had to face harsh chemotherapy treatments, painful surgeries and more during and after my lengthy treatment and recovery.


Here’s a photo of me during my chemotherapy in 2001 from when I lived in Tel Aviv, Israel.  


MAY 2001




I had stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and I was 190 lbs at the time.  


Because the illness took its toll on my body and my mind, I had difficulty coping with my self esteem during my time as a cancer patient. It’s easier to look back at the person I was then knowing who I am now, as I’m always looking for new ways to inspire others to hope and dream.


Here’s a photo of me sixteen years later, living in the Upper East Side in New York at 130 lbs.


MAY 2017


Unveiling the Secrets to Radiant Wellness and Skin Rejuvenation


We should all try to be the best versions of ourselves every day and no matter our situations.


You don't need a special occasion like a birthday to feel motivated or take care of yourself. If you don’t feel this way as you go about your daily routine, you can still fake it until you make it.


Even though I’ve come to terms with the side effects of having cancer, some days I don't feel so glamorous. I dislike my imperfect skin some of the time, but I always try to remind myself that every scar is a memory from a surgery that saved my life and a symbol my victory over cancer.


I’m satisfied with the way I look today because I have the ability to do what’s best for my body and my mind. I spend a lot of time working out at the gym, cooking healthy meals and taking care of my skin. Even though these habits are usually the secret to helping ME feel better about myself, it’s important for YOU to check in with yourself regularly. You should always make sure you’re doing everything you can to care for your body, soul and mind whether or not you use the same tools that I do in my day to day life. For those of you who are still looking for a lifestyle that works for you, you can start by adopting my tips and tricks for a happy, healthy life all year long.


Here are some of my tools for cultivating inner happiness in my everyday life:

  • Eating right: Superfoods & clean eating ONLY!  
  • Drinking water: Hydrating A LOT!
  • Loving yourself: Being kind to yourself ALWAYS!
  • Surround yourself with good karma: Putting your FRIENDS & FAMILY FIRST!
  • Keeping your skin safe and youthful: Using products that suit YOUR SKIN!

You need to be sure you’re spending your time and money on self care, so, if you’re not happy with the way you look or feel, you might need to reevaluate your skincare routine and more. When I ask myself if I’m keeping up with these practices, I also think about how I can improve them. Your inner happiness plays an important part in your well being, and your entire life will change when you check in with yourself with these things in mind. Because your skin and body are great places to start making life changes, I encourage you to ask yourself questions like “are my skincare products giving me 'desert skin?” to make progress. I want your skincare products and treatments to be optimal for you this year while you working on an overall healthy lifestyle.  


The right products and treatments can make all the difference when you’re trying to improve the condition of your skin, and they’ll also give you a boost of energy to help you conquer your day.

Here are some of my recommendations for matching the right skincare products with your body and finding the best skincare routine to suit your personal needs, everyday life and budget.


First, you need to define your needs by asking yourself what is your target or goal:  

  • Do I want to clean my skin?
  • Do I want to get rid of acne?
  • Do I want to limit the effects of aging?
  • Do I want to develop a daily routine?
  • Do I want to treat my skin at night?
  • Do I want to receive a treatment for a special event?

Second, you need to figure out your skin type by asking yourself about any problem areas:


  • Do I have normal skin?
  • Do I have dry skin?
  • Do I have oily skin?
  • Do I have discolored skin?

Third, you need to decide how much money you want to spend on your skincare budget:


  • What products do I need?
  • What products do I want?
  • What products can I afford?

Once you have your answers to these questions, you can think about the types of products you want to invest in as well as the brands you’d like to get to know better. I’m going to point you in the right direction with a couple of products that I use and simply LOVE  in my everyday skincare routine, so you can see how using a range of treatments from different brands can optimize your skin’s health.

I would also be happy to help you make a plan to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have about skincare. After you pinpoint any problem areas you may have with your body or your skin, you can start taking the next steps toward finding the right products and treatments to improve your wellbeing.


When you’re ready to enhance the way you look and feel this year, here are a few of my favorite skincare products to help you get started on your journey to clean, clear skin this season.


I’m sending you good vibes this month, and I hope you can find your inner happiness too.




For Face :

Arianna Instant Repair Collagen Eye Cream




Skinceuticals Phloretin CF




For Body:

Kiehls Bath and Body Cleanser Grapefruit
Arianna Ultra Rich Mineral Body Butter


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