Ginseng Extract, Vitamin C, Colloidal Gold; these are just some of the potent ingredients we include in our innovative products at Arianna. Our dedication to products that work to transform your skin, while maintaining the integrity of sustainability and botanical awareness, is something we deeply strive for.


There’s a reason why these products work, and why we choose them. Natural means active: utilizing products that are biologically active helps to cultivate your skin's natural healing and balancing abilities. For instance, Witch Hazel contains natural tannins that provide an astringent effect on the skin, helping to achieve less inflamed cells and a smoother complexion. Or take Vitamin A for example as well, which helps to regulate keratin (dead skin buildup), and contains esters that convert to retinoic acid, which promotes cellular regeneration, revealing fresher and plumper skin.

We’ve compiled a list of our most potent ingredients and an explanation on each one, to help you better understand our dynamic formulations and why we’ve chosen to stay as natural as possible.

(As a bonus, look for specific ingredients that are ideal for winter skin!)

    • Pomegranate Seed Oil is a powerhouse product. With strong antioxidant properties, it helps ward off free radicals, which is one of the larger causes of aging (think pollution, grime build-up, or bacteria). This is due to its high omega-5 fatty acid properties, also making it an excellent anti-inflammatory. (Bonus! Use products with this ingredient in winter time to help soften the skin and keep it hydrated). Find it in our Exfoliating Shower Milk Refiner & Cellular Repair Day Cream Complex.

    • Collagen-A promotes cell turnover and helps strengthen the elasticity of the skin. Collagen in all connective tissues in your body, and external application to your skin helps to natural strengthen and build skin cells. A structural design product, Collagen-A is essential in one’s skin care routine in achieving a youthful complexion. Find it in our Cellular Collagen Face Serum & our Collagen Boost Repair Mask.

    • Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years for anti-inflammation and healing. It is loaded with enzymes, antioxidants, and Vitamins A & E, but its ability to heal and soothe skin is what makes this powerful plant such an essential in daily skin care. Find it in our Cellular Repair Day Cream Complex & our Ultra Purifying Milk Cleanser.

    • Vitamin C is an absolute must-have in your medicine cabinet – for external and internal use. It’s a potent antioxidant that helps to repair damaged tissue, naturally exfoliate away dead skin cells, neutralize free-radicals, and build collagen in the skin. (Bonus! Using Vitamin C in the winter months helps repair cold-stricken skin, which is often irritated and dried out by colder weather. You can use it more often in winter as well, as your skin is less exposed to UV rays. As always please use sunscreen when using this product). Find it in our Active Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum & our Cellular Repair Night Cream Complex.

    • Vitamin A – we cannot say enough about the capabilities of Vitamin A in reducing fine lines and maintaining a smooth complexion. Once converted to retinoic acid after applying, Vitamin A works tirelessly in promoting a healthy & natural exfoliation ritual for the skin. It’s incredibly effective in balancing skin that is prone to acne as well. (Bonus! A fabulous product to use year-round, Vitamin A is wonderful to use in the winter, similarly to Vitamin C, in that the exfoliation properties of this product will be less affected by the amount of sun you receive. But, as always, please use sunscreen when using this product). Find it in our Active Vitamin D Serum & our Cellular Repair Day Cream Complex.

    • Vitamin B-5 is a super clever and multi-faceted product. For starters, its moisturizing capabilities are enhanced by its ability to trap moisture in from the air (and within the body), keeping skin deeply hydrated. It also is super effective in the healing process of the skin. (Bonus! A fabulous addition to your winter skin routine, products with Vitamin B-5 keep winter skin smooth and supple). Find it in our Skin Balance Revitalizing Gel Cream & Deep Cleansing Mud Gel.

    • Jojoba Oil is an industry favorite for maintaining soft and supple skin. Closely mimicking the skin's natural emollients, jojoba oil aides in reducing redness and dryness, calms the skin, and contains Vitamin E and B which assists in its healing and hydrating properties. (Bonus! Jojoba oil is a must-use product during the winter months, as it keeps skin hydrated and soft). Find it in our Antioxidant Black Mud Mask & our Collagen Boost Eye Serum Treatment.

    • Ginseng Extract helps to lengthen and strengthen the lifespan of cells, preventing premature aging and premature degradation of healthy cells. Ginseng contains impressive anti-oxidant properties that works intensely internally as well as externally, and even helps in protecting against UV rays (not to be used in place of sunscreen). Find it in our Deep Pore Facial Exfoliant & our Moisturizing Balance Toner.

    • Colloidal Gold - underrated yet extremely powerful, Colloidal Gold has numerous benefits that make it a dynamic and crucial ingredient. A must-have in your skin care products, Colloidal Gold is deeply soothing, collagen stimulating, and an intense free-radical fighter. Its antioxidant properties are legendary, as this ingredient is wildly effective all year round. Find it in our Antioxidant Black Mud Mask & our Cellular Collagen Face Serum.

 At Arianna we take pride not only in our attention to natural and effective ingredients, but also in making sure our products are never tested on animals and are completely paraben-free. Natural ingredients mean clean skin care, which means a more natural and cleaner you!

And while not all of our fabulous natural ingredients are included on this list, trust knowing we are keeping your wellbeing in mind simultaneously with nature’s principles. Clean skin care means a cleaner world, and sustainable skin care is our core goal.

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