Summer is finally here! While I’m excited for warmer weather and cute clothes, I dread all the exposed skin that comes with it. Ever since recovering from cancer, showing my arms and putting on shorts, reveals all the demons that chemotherapy left on my skin…scars, stretch marks, loose and saggy skin.


Every summer I think it will get easier and I will show my skin with confidence, but it does not get easier. Especially as I get older, in addition to the scars left by chemo, there are the added signs of age, and damage from sun exposure.


In my last post I wrote about what I do to restore my skin and how I use mineral exfoliants to enrich it. While this makes me feel good and improves the look of my skin, the scars and stretch marks will probably stay forever. They will remain with me as a reminder of my triumph, and I’m learning every day to accept and love them as much as I can.


While I learn to accept my skin, this post is for all my fellow women who are unhappy with saggy skin around the face, fine lines, wrinkles, or the dreaded neck waddle. Maybe you’ve considered botox, sporting year-round turtlenecks, or collagen injections. Step back from the needle and put on your favorite v-neck; you have options! Collagen-infused masks and serums can give you the skin-tightening and wrinkle-reducing effect you are after without a trip to the doctor’s office. And there are options for women on a budget who still want to tighten skin and feel their best!


My favorite Homemade Mask :)

homemade facial mask with oat, eggs and honey

Here is the recipe for my most rejuvenating homemade mask:



  • 2 Egg whites - Skin-nourishing hydro lipids help lift loose skin
  • 1 Lemon - Vitamin C boosts collagen production
  • 2 Tablespoons honey - natural hydration, antioxidant and anti aging properties help treat sagging skin
  • 1 Ice cube - keeping the mixture cold helps ingredients penetrate the skin



Mix ingredients in a blender until a foamy texture forms. Let the mixture rest in the refrigerator for five minutes, then apply the mask to a clean face and neck. Leave on for 30 minutes; then rinse with water.

Arianna Skincare facial serums and masks in a clean background

If you are ready for more skin-tightening treatments, here is my favorite routine from the Arianna Elite Collection:  


Start with our Collagen Boost Repair Mask which contains a combination of ingredients, including vitamin A, aloe vera, chamomile, and nutrient-rich Dead Sea mud that stimulates the regeneration of collagen. The detoxifying combination of these ingredients, together with collagen, help to remove fine lines and wrinkles.


Regular use of this type of mask improves skin's elasticity, evens out skin tone, and improves texture resulting in a more youthful appearance. Unlike Botox or collagen injections, this is something you can do at home, a couple of times a week, and the results are cumulative! That means no planning trips to the doctor’s office around life’s biggest events. (Want to look good for that upcoming wedding? No need to schedule a Botox touch up six week’s out, just keep using your mask and daily serum!)


Here’s what you need to know to see the best results from your skin-tightening routine:

Collagen Mask Application by Rachel in Arianna SOHO location

Collagen Mask Application by Rachel in Arianna SOHO location

As my summer gift to you, use code 50GC to save $50 on purchases from our Elite series.

Wishing everyone a summer of self love, fun, great skin, and happiness.



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