Father’s Day is a sacred day in many households. A day where children and their mothers celebrate the man who has devoted himself to his family. A man who against all odds comes through, whenever he is needed.


I, myself left my home and my family in Israel many years ago to build a life here. I have been unable to spend Father’s Day with my Dad for the past 10 years. Regardless of the distance between us, he is always in my heart. “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother” has always resonated with me. They are the ones to give us life and through all the petty arguments and disagreements we owe them at least that.

Every year as Father’s Day approaches I begin my search for the perfect gift. It does not need to be expensive or fancy, but it must be something he would cherish. Though I always make sure to send something, the most important gift of all is the phone call that makes the day so much more special.

This year, however, is an exciting year. A year different from any other because just a few short months ago… I delivered a baby girl. It is my privilege this year to celebrate Father’s Day with my husband. Seeing him with our baby girl makes me want to strive higher and work harder to help provide the most amazing life for our child.

Fathers Day

Father’s Day this year was more stressful than any other. Trying to find the perfect gift and make the day as wonderful and fulfilling as I possibly can. Knowing that many of you spend just as much time searching for gifts, I have decided to share mine with you!

My Name Necklace is a fabulous jewelry boutique that I stumbled upon online. They have created for Father’s Day, a braided bracelet with beads. The beads are custom engraved, which I decided to add the kid’s names onto. The main reason I chose this is the sentimental value it would have.


In addition, I have formulated the Arianna Skincare Men’s Kit inspired by the Men in my life and perfect for the ones in yours. For men who tend to go through the day without so much as a second look in the mirror let alone using skincare. This kit has all the natural essentials for every skin type. Everything a man needs in one convenient kit to maintain great skin and at a great price you can afford! It includes:

The Nutritive Shampoo Therapy For Hair & Scalp encompasses a formula that nourishes and balances all hair and scalp types daily. It contains a blend of Dead Sea minerals, active ingredients, natural plant extracts, essential oils, and Vitamin E to promote skin and hair health.

The Invigorating Mineral Shower Gel has been formulated to offer a deep cleansing, refreshing shower daily. It's enriched with Dead Sea minerals, natural plant extract, Vitamin E and natural oils.

The Hydrating Mineral Facial Cream is a daily moisturizer that has been formulated by blending a rich array of natural oils, plant extracts & antioxidants, which are known for their moisturizing properties and healing powers.

The After-Shave Recovery Balm is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, which are combined with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and natural oils to soothe and nourish your face.

And to My Wonderful Husband: You are the most incredible father to our beautiful children, and I can’t imagine a more wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with. I know you are going to raise our girls to be proud and confident young women and I am honored to be doing it side by side with you. I Love You.

Most of us will be unable to spend this Father’s Day with our Dads so make sure to call them and send something special to show them how much you care. Even the smallest gesture could mean the world to them and we all know they deserve it.

As a Special Treat, enjoy 60% OFF our Men’s Kit and spoil them with a gift that keeps on giving! They will absolutely love this set of self-care products that they will be able to use in the comfort and safety of their own homes.


Fathers day Arianna skincare set

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