Don't Get It Twisted Donut Bath Bomb

Don't Get It Twisted Donut Bath Bomb

Peach Bellini Macaroon Bath Bomb Gift Set

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Nourish your skin with Bath Bomb Gift Set. With their blend of natural oils and butters, these macaroon bath bombs make the perfect remedy for dull, dry skin. The gift set contains four mouth-watering Peach Bellini-scented macaroon bath bombs that will make your next bath a glamorous one.
  • Moisturizes skin with a nourishing blend of sweet almond oil, aloe vera and cocoa butter.
  • Macaroon "frosting" middle works as an exfoliating sugar scrub, which buffs away dead skin cells gently.
  • Natural blends of the oils and butter call for a one of a kind comforting and warm scent.
  • Each set is packaged in a clear box and a satin ribbon, perfect for gifting.
The Macaroon Bath Bomb Gift Set features macaroon bath bombs that are wrapped individually. Each one which fills your bathwater with natural butters and essential oils to nourish skin. Each Macaroon Bath Bomb Gift Set is individually shrink-wrapped complete nestled in crinkle paper tucked into a clear box with satin ribbon and product label underneath the box to allow you to view the product from all angles. Size: - 4 macaroons per set each weighing 1.75oz. Same size as a real macaroon.
Drop one or two unwrapped macaroons into your tub under warm running water. As the macaroon fizzes, it will release a natural butter and essential oil blend into your bathwater. Use the macaroon's frosting middle as a sugar scrub to help buff away dry, flaking skin.
Macaroon Bath Bomb Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Kaolin Clay, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Hamamelis Water, Corn Starch, Egg Whites, Sugar, Gum Arabic, Sodium Aluminum Sulfate, Cream of Tartar, Vanillin, Skin-Safe Fragrance, Cosmetic Color.

Picture is representative of the actual product. Not tested on animals. Do not eat. Do not use if known allergies exist. Always use caution when exiting the tub.
Arianna surveyed 80 customers from all locations.
  • 100% said it treated flaking skin by clearing away dead skin cells
  • 94% said -their skin was revitalized with natural oils and butters in the macaroon.
  • 88% said it hydrated and nourished dull, dry skin.
Q. How will this product moisturize my skin?
A. The natural oils and butter will penetrate your skin and leave it hydrated once the dead skin cells are washed away.

Q. What should I do if my Macaroon Bath Bomb does not dissolve?
A. Make sure your bath water is warm enough and then break it up with your hands and swirl it around in the water.

Q. Can I use the "frosting" exfoliating part of the macaroon anywhere?
A. Yes. Wherever you feel you have dry skin, gently scrub with the frosting part.

Q. How big is each Peach Bellini Bath Bomb?
A. It's approximately 1.74 ounces. Mimics the size of a real macaroon.

Q. How long will each Peach Bellini Macaroon Bath Bomb last in my bathwater?
A. It will last throughout your bath.
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