Your Guide to Surviving Halloween with Radiant and Healthy Skin

The weather is breaking and the smell of pumpkin spice and candy corn has invaded your home. Halloween season is finally upon us. Before the festivities begin, and you start applying layers of makeup on your face, I’m here to remind you of the best ways to care for your skin during this holiday, especially for those with multiple Halloween parties to attend. I’m sure the last thing you want this Halloween is to attend one party in costume, and then have to deal with an awful breakout the next day. Yikes! Luckily, this article will show you the best ways to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

young woman wearing a Halloween mask

Healthy skin between costume changes, will mean less layers of makeup that need to be applied (and a better-looking costume). Many people fail to realize how detrimental Halloween can be to your skin. The frequent application of heavy foundation during this holiday is something that your skin might not be accustomed to. Also, your diet will change due to the sugary food items and alcoholic beverages at Halloween events. So, your skin is battling serious changes from both, inside and out. But, don’t worry you can totally still have a face full of glitter (or blood, if you choose the gory route) this Halloween and remain with your radiance after. These tips and products will help you.

1. Trial Period
Honestly, the absolute best way to not wake up the day after Halloween with a bumpy surprise, is to test the makeup that you are using beforehand. This can easily be done on the back of your hand or forearm. I suggest testing the product out a few days ahead of costume day.

crumbling makeup and lipsticks

2. Skin Preparation
I know you’re in a frenzy getting this spectacular costume ready for its debut. However, before your Halloween makeup goes on you must hydrate your skin. Hydrate your skin well enough to make sure the hydration will last throughout the entire day. The Skin Balance Revitalizing Gel Cream is excellent at hydrating the skin for hours. Oh! There’s a bonus: it’s a makeup primer too. The cream does majority of the prep work for you. But, the rest of the work will come from your diet. At Halloween parties, we consume more sugar and drink less water. That’s a recipe for a breakout. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

brushes, black fashion, and the skin balance revitalizing gel cream

3. Cleanse your Face, and then Cleanse it again.
Personally, I can never last the entire night in my Halloween makeup. After a couple of hours, any false lashes must go, and then accidental smudging occurs. Therefore, I applaud anyone that can manage to last an entire night in their Halloween makeup. Now it’s time to remove. The removal of your Halloween makeup is a major key to preventing any skin irritation. Cleanse your face multiple times with a gentle face cleanser.

4. Pore Rescue
I also suggest using a powered cleansing brush to make sure the cleanser gets in your pores and rid all debris. If you do not have a cleansing brush, this Skin Renewal Facial Peel does a great job as well (if not better). Without having to scrub your face a million times, this peel will deeply cleanse all of your pores and revitalize your skin tone. It’s also a non-abrasive peel, which is exactly what your pores need when removing layers of foundation and paint.

closeup portrait of young woman with perfect skin applying clean cotton to remove makeup

5. Soothe and Restore
After the face paint is removed properly and it’s time for bed, treat your skin to a night cream. Your face is bound to have dry spots after washing. A nice night cream will nourish your skin back to its original state. The Cellular Repair Night Cream Complex is very rich and will last throughout the entire night. I guarantee that you will awaken to glowing skin after using this cream and not look like the hangover you might be suffering from.

Arianna Night Cream besides a tray with pumpkins

I’m sure your Halloween makeup will look great this year. I’m also sure that by using these skin care tips your skin will look even better when the makeup comes off. Be sure to take plenty of pictures!

Halloween decorations and candles