This Valentine’s Day – Love Yourself First

For some people, Valentine's Day may be just a commercial cliché, but for me, it is a celebration of kindness and love. I see as an opportunity to celebrate romance and strengthen the relationship with that special one in our lives. But did you ever think that YOU are someone (very) special in your life? So, no matter if you are in a romantic relationship or single, I wish you could use this February 14 – the day of love – to celebrate and love yourself!

I will share some of my rituals of self-love to inspire you, but there are no rules here: the secret is to create your own version of a memorable day, and hopefully carry this with yourself throughout the year.

  • Discover what makes you happy and what you need to change to achieve that
    Self-Discovery is the best way to happiness. Sometimes we just need a little change in our lives to be happier, but it's hard to identify it with a dark cloud in our heads. Take a moment to stop, meditate and write down what makes you truly happy and what you need in your life to get there. Remember the days you felt super beautiful and happy and try to focus on discovering why you felt like that on those occasions. Then it will be easier to replicate these moments.
  • Take care of your health with exercises and food that nourishes your soul
    As you probably already know, when the illness took its toll on my body and my mind, I had difficulty coping with my self-esteem during my time as a cancer patient. A healthy lifestyle, based on clean eating, drinking lots of water and exercising, was what brought me back.
  • Reduce the use of social media
    The "Fear of Missing Out" is real. Whenever you are hit in a negative way by a beautiful photo on Instagram, disconnect from it. Make sure you only follow people who lift you up, inspire you and make you feel good.
  • Pamper yourself
    This might superficial, but it's so important to our self-esteem! Take some hours of your day to create a home spa: transform your bath with bath bombs and enjoy the colors of the water and soothing scents. Don't feel remotely guilty about putting your phone away and spending time on YOU.

As I always say, we should all try to be the best versions of ourselves every day no matter the situations we find ourselves in. I’m taking today to send you all the love in the world and hoping you can find your inner happiness and love yourself first.

With extra lots of love today,


Heart shaped from skincare cream on white background. Valentine's day creative concept.