Happy Women's Day From Arianna Skincare

Whatever you choose to do, know it is okay. I believe that there is not a single way to do things, there is a billion. In my opinion, you can wear your hair down and put on as much make-up as you'd like, as long as you feel whole in it. Don't let anybody call you names or degrade you. You can shine in your jumpsuit or sport your glamorous dress, run in your snickers, or sprint in your heels - do anything as long as it gets you where you want to go. The moment anything becomes uncomfortable - throw it away and keep on going! Don't let anyone control you, but be your own boss.Trust me, you can be anything you put your mind to. Step up, shout out, don't conform. We are the 51 percent!

- Arianna Skincare Founder, Miri Torres