Hey everyone! I hope your summer is off to a great start. Because I've been quite busy with the amazing reception I got from the Taste of Hope event last month, I haven't had the chance to check in with you. The evening was a success, and I'm so proud of the awareness we raised for the American Cancer Society. Now that I've shared the importance of standing up to cancer with you, let’s focus on the remaining weeks of summer ahead of us. I left you with a few skincare tips in my last post, and I’d like to build on them today, so we can all get ready for the season.

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Summer is in full swing, and you should be making the most of the warm weather with your friends and family. Whether you plan to spend a few hours or days in the sun this month, you should also put your skin health first. The sun’s glowing rays can give it a little extra wear and tear, especially on the hottest days, which requires you to repair your face and body after sun.

If you need to start hydrating and replenishing your skin after thrilling days of fun in the sun, follow these 4 after-sun skincare tips to take better care of your skin for the rest of the season.

  1. Take a Cold Shower
    Taking a cold shower is one way to refresh your skin after a day in the heat. Hop in a cool shower and then lather up your face with a deep cleansing mud gel, washing away sweat, sunscreen and other impurities to clear your skin’s surface at the end of the day.

  2. Moisturize Your Body
    Moisturizing your body is a second way to invigorate your skin after being out and about during summer. Select your go-to body treatment once you’ve dried off and rub it all over your tired, hot skin, using the rich, creamy formula as a way to heal your entire body.

  3. Exfoliate Your Face
    Exfoliating your face is a third way to energize your skin after a day in the sun. Take your favorite deep pore facial exfoliant and use the gentle formula to cleanse your skin of any lingering impurities and leave it feeling smooth, soft and clean once you’re back inside.

  4. Drink a Lot of Water
    Drinking a lot of water is a fourth way to moisturize your skin after time spent outside. Grab your water bottle and keep it by your side before, during and after your time at the pool, beach or more to make sure your body and skin is hydrated, happy and healthy.

Once you start integrating these 4 after-sun skincare tips into your regime on days when you spend time outside, you’ll enjoy restored skin health with the added hydration and rejuvenation. Summer is here at last, so make sure to take care of your skin whether you’ve been in the sun or the shade. Because a few minutes, hours or days outside impact the way your skin looks and feels, you’ll want to replenish and revive your skin after spending time under the summer sun.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about rebooting your skin after going outside in the summertime, so please don’t hesitate to contact me about skincare today.

a young woman at the beach with sunglasses, looking at the horizon

Because I would also like to leave you with a little bit of inspiration before we talk about the key minerals for protecting your skin next week, remember to take care of your body and mind while keeping hope alive every day whether or not you or a loved one is facing a challenging illness.

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