I’ve always LOVED candles. Every year I purchase a couple for myself during the Holiday season. I also love to give scented candles as Christmas presents. It’s a safe choice, and delightful because of that ease and simplicity - candles just make a perfect gift! That’s why I decided to launch our candle line, Arianna Essentials, during this time of the year.

white and brown lighted candles

One of the best things about candles is that they are so versatile; you can mix and match different scents and sizes, and even add other things in a beautiful gift basket. They are perfect when you are in an urgent need of a “thank you for everything this year” to your children’s teacher; a fun and safe choice to your Secret Santa at work; and a good value solution to all the hosting, friends and hairdressers in our lives. There’s no occasion when a scented welcome won’t make a great present!

cinnamon candles and waffle candles

Scented candles set a scene, create a mood and infuse an environment. They are great to change the atmosphere and can be the perfect accessory to de-stress while enjoying a relaxing bath. 

Now, it can be hard to select a scent for someone else; even though people love fragrances, everyone has a different preference. If you don’t know the taste of the person you are giving the present, go with the safest aromas, like vanilla and cinnamon. With their warmth and sensuality, they are universally liked. For people you know the tastes a bit better, like close friends or your partner, you can pick aromas a bit more exotics, such as peach nectar or black cherry. And for children, I would recommend the sweetest flavors, such as chocolate and sweet baking

If you’re still unsure which fragranced candle is best to give, why not make a kit-selection, with various scents included? This takes away all the worry of selecting someone’s favorite fragrance. 

4-piece of colorful dessert-inspired candles: pink, brown, blue and yellow

I hope you enjoy our selection of dessert candles and cross off everyone on your gift list - including yourself!

Happy holiday shopping!