1. Sun Perks and Pleasure!

    Sun Perks and Pleasure!

    Hi everyone! For those of you who are hiding under the cool breeze of the AC ,and for those of you who are currently wiping the sweat off your forehead - I have only good summer vibes to spread today. It seems like time flies -at least here- while trying to juggle between all my daily tasks. I’d like to update you that my recovery process is going well, and I’m starting to see the end of it. My recovery only prove - day by day- how well my scar revision surgery went. That was just something I had to get off my chest.

  2. Summer Skin & Scar Maintenance!

    Summer Skin & Scar Maintenance!

    Thank god this is over! I’m here to thank everybody for their support during my pre-op and post-op procedures. My scar revision surgery went very well and I am beyond happy to finally be rid from the marks I detested so much.

  3. Happy 4th of July!

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy Independence Day Everyone! It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you ought to go, freedom is often referred to as the essence of life. It is the ability to move around, to choose what you want to do or where you want to go. To be able to live any kind of lifestyle you want; and never have it taken for granted.

  4. Goal Achieving - Scar Disappearing!

    Goal Achieving - Scar Disappearing!

    Each person, I like to believe, has a set of beliefs and ground rules they are not willing to compromise on. The spiritual guidelines , unwritten agenda, that we follow towards a goal. When it comes to me, I think, this whole set of priorities is magnified. I do believe in a higher power and I do believe it is a good one, therefor, I’ve always tried to benefit myself but I’ve also known some things can be, and some things will be in the future.

  5. Mother


    I remember the sounds, the warmth in the air and as the sun started to set, the cold air of the breeze. I remember silent steps and moments filled with love. As a young girl I used to walk with my mother by the beach during this time of year, just before it became too warm. We used to live nearby it which was wonderful, we could go whenever we wanted, stretch our muscles and be filled with the delightful scenery. Just me, and my mother. Even though I live far away from her nowadays, these moments we used to share are cherished in my heart forever. In fact, I just came back from a visit back home in Israel and I can tell you one thing - I might have grown up a little ever since the long walks by the beach, and my mother have grown older, but the atmosphere remains still, and we love these strolls.

  6. Spring Into The New

    Spring Into The New

    Hello spring! Oh, the blossom and cheer is in the air. It’s always been my favorite season you see, ever since I can remember. Somehow, having born in Israel and growing up around the middle east made me cherish it. Summer was way too hot to the point that you have to spend your days on the beach else you are subject to sit under the AC for hours, winter was barely a season since it only consisted of a few showers and other semi-warm days, autumn doesn’t really happen there and… spring. Spring just made everything better. Flowers begin to bloom, the weather is just on point before it gets too hot to breath, and jackets become a rare option.

  7. Happy Women's Day From Arianna Skincare

    Happy Women's Day From Arianna Skincare

    Whatever you choose to do, know it is okay. I believe that there is not a single way to do things, there is a billion. In my opinion, you can wear your hair down and put on as much make-up as you'd like, as long as you feel whole in it. Don't let anybody call you names or degrade you. You can shine in your jumpsuit or sport your glamorous dress, run in your snickers, or sprint in your heels - do anything as long as it gets you where you want to go. The moment anything becomes uncomfortable - throw it away and keep on going! Don't let anyone control you, but be your own boss.Trust me, you can be anything you put your mind to. Step up, shout out, don't conform. We are the 51 percent!

    - Arianna Skincare Founder, Miri Torres

  8. Learning About My Skin After Cancer

    Learning About My Skin After Cancer

    After a tough road traveled during chemo-therapy, my skin and body had been through so much. From stretchmarks to dry skin, bruises to scars, my body was inflicted with so much during those tough years. I rose from the bottom with battle scars, but with a lot of will. I started a broad research regarding everything I didn’t like about my then ‘current imperfections’. I studied and finally was able to combat these skin conditions with research on important minerals and nutrients (specifically Dead Sea Minerals), long hours at the gym, and eating healthy delicious foods. I never realized the importance of these certain factors on my skin but years later I look back and realize how much it actually has helped.

  9. Me, New-York and My Stretch Marks

    Me, New-York and My Stretch Marks

    And there I was, I landed in the big U.S of A. Standing in the airport felt like a dream. As so many people before me came to this great land to pursue their wildest dreams, I was ecstatic. A young, fearless woman who was ready to take on the world. As I walked through JFK airport, embracing this new life I was given, I remember looking up and wondering “what is my purpose? why am I here?”. After such a hard fight against cancer, I was back and knew I’d been put on this planet for a certain reason, only, I had yet to know what it was.

  10. Walkathon, Antioxidants, and Bangs

    Walkathon, Antioxidants, and Bangs

    So let me pick up from where I left off last time – what felt at the time like the lowest point of my life. As coincidence would have it, my treatment ended on the very last day of high school. Great timing, right ….  Of course, when I showed up on campus everyone was dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate. I had not been there all year and all of a sudden I felt all eyes were on me. I didn’t look like myself and people could hardly recognize me. I had no hair and due to the drugs that I had been taking (steroids, anyone?) my face had expanded and gotten round and my body was disfigured with water retention. What was even worse was the sensation of people feeling sorry for me….

  11. Heathly Life After Cancer

    Heathly Life After Cancer

    My name is Miri Torres and as you probably already guessed, I am a cancer survivor. Even though this experience was extremely difficult and I would not wish it on anyone, it helped shape who I am and I would not change anything about it even if I could. It made me appreciate life and it inspired me to take charge and try to be the best version of myself.