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  1. The Transformative Powers of Dead Sea Mud Masks

    The Transformative Powers of Dead Sea Mud Masks

    Dead Sea Mud Benefits for Skin

    For centuries, the Dead Sea has been a source of mystical beauty rituals, offering skin rejuvenating properties that are nothing short of miraculous. Arianna Skincare taps into this ancient natural wonder, bringing the potent benefits of Dead Sea mud directly to your skincare routine. This mineral-rich mud, celebrated for its ability to purify, hydrate, and revitalize the skin, is at the heart of our Dead Sea Mud Mask - a product designed to bring out your skin's natural glow.

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  2. Nature's Gift to Your Skin

    Nature's Gift to Your Skin

    Dead Sea Salt Benefits for the Skin

    What is Dead Sea Salt?
    Dead Sea salt, sourced directly from the Dead Sea in Israel, stands apart from regular sea salt due to its unique mineral makeup. Unlike the predominant sodium chloride in typical sea salts, Dead Sea salt boasts a lower concentration of sodium chloride, enriched instead with minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium, offering numerous skin and health advantages.

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  3. Unveiling the Secrets to Radiant Wellness and Skin Rejuvenation

    Unveiling the Secrets to Radiant Wellness and Skin Rejuvenation

    Health Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals

    We believe in harnessing the natural power of the Dead Sea to nourish, heal, and rejuvenate your skin. Our collection of skincare products, rich in Dead Sea minerals, offers a holistic approach to addressing a wide range of skin concerns.

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  4. How To Take Care of Your Skin After Surviving Cancer

    How To Take Care of Your Skin After Surviving Cancer

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we thought we would get involved and talk about the best product recommendations to nurture your skin in such difficult times. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is undoubtedly one of the worst moments in someone’s life. And you may think that a topic like skincare seems insignificant and secondary in the big picture of overcoming cancer. But changes in skin are the most commonly reported side effect by patients that went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Addressing such concerns and working towards your skin’s previous glow, are not just a vanity matter. It’s about reinstalling a sense of normalcy and routine to a life that got far from normal.

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  5. Seasonal Skin Care: How to Transition Your Skincare from Summer to Autumn

    Seasonal Skin Care: How to Transition Your Skincare from Summer to Autumn

    As we shift from shorts to sweaters, we need to face how our skin also adjusts to seasonal change. To preserve and protect a glowing complexion in colder months, it’s extremely important to switch up the products of your skincare routine. And it’s not just about the drop in temperature, humidity levels play a huge role in the balance and overall health of our skin.

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  6. How To Extend Results From A Spa Treatment

    How To Extend Results From A Spa Treatment

    Spa treatments can work wonders for your skin. Right after your session, you look and feel luminous, hydrated, and practically glowing from the inside out. All that well-deserved pampering renews cellular turnover, improves elasticity, and boosts the results of anti-aging procedures, leaving your skin toned up with a lovely silky after-feel. But consider that without the proper after-facial care, the time and money you invested into this luxurious treat may be all for nothing.

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  7. A Guide To Summer Skincare - Glowing And Healthy Skin For The Season

    A Guide To Summer Skincare - Glowing And Healthy Skin For The Season

    A common mistake that people make is following the same skincare regime all year round. Just like you need to change up your wardrobe from season to season, the same goes for your self-care routine. During the warmer months, we spend a lot more time outside, with our face in the sunshine, so our skin needs a boost of protection and regeneration. A fitting product rotation helps your skin adapt to the new weather and all its perks.

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  8. How to Choose the right SPF for you!

    How to Choose the right SPF for you!

    How to Choose the right SPF for you!

    Often times, it is difficult to choose between the different levels of sun protection because we don’t have all the information. Many factors can go into choosing the correct SPF for each of us. Complexion, skin type, and even age are all major influencers.

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  9. A Sons First Hero, A Daughter's First Love

    A Sons First Hero, A Daughter's First Love

    Father’s Day is a sacred day in many households. A day where children and their mothers celebrate the man who has devoted himself to his family. A man who against all odds comes through, whenever he is needed.

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  10. The Sunshine Vitamin

    The Sunshine Vitamin

    The sun is out and its finally time to get some D … or not! Vitamin D also known as the Sunshine Vitamin, is one of only two Vitamins our bodies are able to produce naturally. Like so many others I wondered why 77% of Americans have a Vitamin D deficiency if our bodies are able to produce it naturally, furthermore what does it mean if you do have a deficiency and how can you prevent it? Let’s dive in and take a look at what I found out!

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  11. I Got It from My Mama

    I Got It from My Mama

    My wrinkles I mean. What did you think? Studies show that the aging process is based solely on the genetics inherited by our mothers! While it is true we inherit genes by both our parents, the mitochondria that effects the way we age is passed down by our mothers. Throughout our lifep, the mitochondria in our bodies are damaged. These damaged mitochondria are inherited and may be passed down from generation to generation.

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  12. Unique Quarantine Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

    Unique Quarantine Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

    Spa Days, Rooftop Bars, and Brunches. All the things we will not be able to spoil our beloved Mothers with this Mother’s Day. From experience, most of us google for weeks trying to figure out the perfect gift to show our appreciation and undying gratitude for the years of love and affection bestowed upon us. They raised us, loved us, taught us right from wrong and they will never let us forget the nine (or in my case 10) months they carried us.

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  13. Make Every Day a Mental Health Day

    Make Every Day a Mental Health Day

    With so much talk today around the idea of self-care, it can be easy to lose sight of concrete steps to take and how they help you. Given its importance for not only our physical but also our mental health, it's worth taking a closer look at just three pieces of self-care that you can begin implementing now in order to improve your routine, your health, your relationships, and, ultimately, your life.

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  14. How a Good Skincare Routine Boosts Your Self-Esteem

    How a Good Skincare Routine Boosts Your Self-Esteem

    From practicing the 10-step Korean skincare routine, to stocking up on an array of serums, women from across the globe are crazy about skincare. But more than just a trend or a vanity project, an effective skincare routine is essential for one's self-esteem, as the simple act of washing your face is a form of self-care. That said, let's take a closer look at the special connection between skincare and your confidence.

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  15. Finding your True Skin

    Finding your True Skin

    Dry, Combination, Oily or Sensitive? Let’s Figure it Out

    Many women and men can spend half a lifetime thinking they have a different skin type than they actually do. An excess production of oil might convince someone she has oily skin. Redness and dermatitis might convince someone they have delicate and sensitive skin.

    But understanding your skin type is not a black and white science. More often than not many people have combination skin types, but have no idea how to recognize it. Often the t-zone is more oily in someone with drier skin, but they might mistake themselves for having oily skin. Sometimes after too much sun our skin dries out, making one believe she might have more sensitive or dry skin. Understanding the true nature of your skin can help you discover how to take care of it so that you can fully find your skins potential.

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  16. Arianna’s Winter Skin Edit

    Arianna’s Winter Skin Edit

    First-Rate Hacks to Keep Your Skin in Top Shape during the Colder Months

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  17. Arianna’s Coveted Guide to Transformative Beauty Ingredients - Find Out Some of Our Prime Ingredients

    Arianna’s Coveted Guide to Transformative Beauty Ingredients - Find Out Some of Our Prime Ingredients

    Ginseng Extract, Vitamin C, Colloidal Gold; these are just some of the potent ingredients we include in our innovative products at Arianna. Our dedication to products that work to transform your skin, while maintaining the integrity of sustainability and botanical awareness, is something we deeply strive for.

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  18. 2019 Gift Giving Guide: Special Sets, Perfect Pairs, and Something for Everyone

    2019 Gift Giving Guide: Special Sets, Perfect Pairs, and Something for Everyone

    Getting closer to the holiday season means it’s time to prepare for all your loved one’s gifts. Giving the gift of skin care is always thoughtful, and always welcomed! We’ve prepared a special list of exceptional presents for everyone in your life – from family to coworkers, and even neighbors.  

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  19. The Importance of Facials: Why Targeted Treatments Can Change Your Skin

    The Importance of Facials: Why Targeted Treatments Can Change Your Skin

    You shed about 5,000 dead skin cells each day on your face alone. Your skin naturally moves dead skin cells up to the uppermost epidermis of the skin in a biological process that, if not exfoliated properly, can result in excess breakouts, roughness, a dull complexion, uneven skin tone, and premature aging.

    One aspect of aiding in this process is to naturally allow the skin to shed the dead cells. However, because your facial skin undergoes more daily stress than the rest of your body – including exposure to UV rays, pollutants, with numerous muscles working tirelessly in expression and speaking – giving the skin the boost it needs in order to maintain a healthy glow, pH balance, and cellular renewal, can make or break the natural functions of repair and balance. In other words, it needs a little help.

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  20. Post Summer Skin: Essential Tips and our Favorite Products

    Post Summer Skin: Essential Tips and our Favorite Products

    Repair, Renew, Shine! After the summer our skin needs extra care – find out Arianna’s top tips.

    We live for that sun-kissed, warm summer glow. All year long we prepare for the memories that we make in summertime - lakeside, beachside, boat side – the fleeting romance that we ignite each Summer with the sun can be enriching, joyous, fulfilling - but it comes at a cost. Sure, lots of sunshine can make you feel tan, glimmering, and full of freckles. But what you might be unaware of is how much repair is needed after all that beach bathing – that brilliant cinnamon glow comes at a cost.

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  21. Are You Giving Your Hands Enough Attention?

    Are You Giving Your Hands Enough Attention?

    Helpful tips to keep your hands gorgeous, hydrated, and youthful.

    Our hands carry us though life. They pick up our belongings and our babies, they write down important details, type out papers, make our coffee in the early mornings, prepare our healthy meals - the meals for our families & our friends, they pour our wine after a long day, hold our loved ones close, create boundaries, protect us, and keep us healthy and thriving.

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  22. The Benefits of a Bath with Epsom Salt – And How to Enjoy the Most with Bath Bombs

    The Benefits of a Bath with Epsom Salt – And How to Enjoy the Most with Bath Bombs

    The Epsom Salt is a 100% natural compound of magnesium and sulfate, that has been used as a natural remedy for years. Its use helps regulate the magnesium levels in the body, leading to the production of serotonin, a hormone that soothes and helps relax.

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  23. Hello, Spring! New Season, New Skincare Routine

    Hello, Spring! New Season, New Skincare Routine

    The weather might still be a bit chilly, but the longer days and the blooming flowers tell us that a new season is upon us. With the arrival of Spring, the low temperatures are no longer the main concern for our skin. The mild temperatures invite us to stay out, and whether it is the day-to-day, short stays abroad, or leisure walks on the beach or in the countryside, sunscreen should not be forgotten.

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  24. Expert Tips: Dealing with Adult Acne

    Expert Tips: Dealing with Adult Acne

    Acne is a condition that causes great discomfort at any age, but it can be even more frustrating during adulthood. Around 40% of adults suffer from this issue and women are more likely to have late acne due to hormonal changes. In this post, we will explain the causes and the best ways to prevent and treat acne-prone skin.

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  25. This Valentine’s Day – Love Yourself First

    This Valentine’s Day – Love Yourself First

    For some people, Valentine's Day may be just a commercial cliché, but for me, it is a celebration of kindness and love. I see as an opportunity to celebrate romance and strengthen the relationship with that special one in our lives. But did you ever think that YOU are someone (very) special in your life? So, no matter if you are in a romantic relationship or single, I wish you could use this February 14 – the day of love – to celebrate and love yourself!

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  26. 20, 30, 40, 50… How to Take Care of Your Skin Every Step of The Way

    20, 30, 40, 50… How to Take Care of Your Skin Every Step of The Way

    Taking care of our skin health is important at any age. But our skin is constantly changing, especially women, because they are subject to more hormonal changes than men, and that's why it's essential to have specific care for each stage of life.

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  27. Natural vs Chemical Skincare

    Natural vs Chemical Skincare

    Hi everyone! Happy New Year! For the first blog post of the year, I wanted to talk about a subject that has been on everyone’s mind and one I’m experienced and have been advocating for a very long time.

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  28. 10 Skin Care Resolutions for The New Year

    10 Skin Care Resolutions for The New Year

    10 Skin Care Resolutions for The New Year

    A New Year always brings a perfect opportunity to indulge in retrospection and reevaluate some of the old habits that we would like to change. I already made my list of things that I know I have neglected in my self-care routine, and plan to take very seriously the next twelve months! Care to join me in this challenge

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  29. 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Beautiful Nails

    7 Do’s and Don’ts for Beautiful Nails

    We all want beautiful and strong nails, right? But if you are anything like me, always in a hurry, you are constantly postponing the visit to the manicure. That doesn’t mean you have to be embarrassed to shake someone’s hands or show your new ring because of that peeled nail polish. Most of the time my nails are completely free of polish, but always looking shiny and healthy. That are simple steps to avoid that dreadful dry skin around the nails or the raggedy cuticles.

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  30. 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Luxury Bath Bombs

    2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Luxury Bath Bombs

    With the chilling winds and freezing temperatures starting to sweep, what best way to relax and unwind from a tough day than with a warm, beautiful, and incredibly scented bath with rich creams and bath soaps? These luxurious cupcakes make one unforgettable gift or treat for yourself!

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  31. 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Why Candles Make Great Presents for Everyone

    2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Why Candles Make Great Presents for Everyone

    I’ve always LOVED candles. Every year I purchase a couple for myself during the Holiday season. I also love to give scented candles as Christmas presents. It’s a safe choice, and delightful because of that ease and simplicity - candles just make a perfect gift! That’s why I decided to launch our candle line, Arianna Essentials, during this time of the year.

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  32. Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care: The Best Natural Products & Ingredients

    Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care: The Best Natural Products & Ingredients

    It is a known fact that the skin changes during pregnancy, bringing a whole lot of new issues to deal. Between pregnancy glow, increased acne, skin darkening and sensitivity, the skin needs a little special attention during these trimesters. But you might realize that your regular products are not suited for your child. Pregnancy is not a time to be careless, so you must be mindful and careful of what ingredients you are introducing to your body and its impact on the baby.

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  33. Your Guide to Surviving Halloween with Radiant and Healthy Skin

    Your Guide to Surviving Halloween with Radiant and Healthy Skin

    The weather is breaking and the smell of pumpkin spice and candy corn has invaded your home. Halloween season is finally upon us. Before the festivities begin, and you start applying layers of makeup on your face, I’m here to remind you of the best ways to care for your skin during this holiday, especially for those with multiple Halloween parties to attend. I’m sure the last thing you want this Halloween is to attend one party in costume, and then have to deal with an awful breakout the next day. Yikes! Luckily, this article will show you the best ways to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

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  34. National Women in Small Business Month: We are the 51 Percent!

    National Women in Small Business Month: We are the 51 Percent!

    Let’s face it; every small business endeavor will not be successful. Also, due to the male- dominant world we exist in, when a business is started by a woman the chances of success are even more at odds. But, it’s still very possible. October is National Women’s Small Business Month. This month we should acknowledge and celebrate the amazing 51 percent of entrepreneurial women running small businesses. Amongst the many obstacles that come with being a woman entrepreneur, I’m very fortunate to have attained a prosperous business. I’ve had the pleasure of watching my dreams come to life. This success is all due to the relentless effort I put into my business plan, and the passion I have for my brand.

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  35. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    As most of you may already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This month is significant to my life, because I’m a cancer survivor. And this year’s October, will mark sixteen years since I became cancer free. So, as I celebrate this milestone, I will continue to encourage cancer awareness with hopes that soon we can all #kisscancergoodbye.

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  36. A Guide to Proper Skin Care with our duo Ultra Body Treatment

    A Guide to Proper Skin Care with our duo Ultra Body Treatment

    Around the age five we’re all sent off to school, mandated to sit in classrooms and learn about every subject in the world- but ourselves. Where was the self-care class? Why weren’t we prepped for body acne and self-esteem struggles? That may sound a little outlandish, however at Arianna Skincare, we find the knowledge of proper skin care to be prestige. The daily interactions we have with our clients are more than transactions. Our team of specialists love to educate and demonstrate proper skin care routines.

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  37. Salt in the air, Sand in my hair

    Salt in the air, Sand in my hair

    Hey friends! After a busy month, I’m writing to you from the pool with so many ideas and experiences that I’m dying to share with you. Following all my amazing summer travels, I’ve decided to clear my head and share my best summer skincare tips before returning to work - where I will be planning our new collections and sales for the holiday season.

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    Summer is finally here! While I’m excited for warmer weather and cute clothes, I dread all the exposed skin that comes with it. Ever since recovering from cancer, showing my arms and putting on shorts, reveals all the demons that chemotherapy left on my skin…scars, stretch marks, loose and saggy skin.

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  39. Bye, Bye Plastic Beads, Hello Dead Sea Minerals

    Bye, Bye Plastic Beads, Hello Dead Sea Minerals

    Hey guys! After a long winter and blogging break, summer weather has finally arrived in New York. The transfer between seasons really does a number on our skin, as it intensely dries it out and creates some rough skin.

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  40. How to Keep The Collagen Level in Your Skin High

    How to Keep The Collagen Level in Your Skin High

    If you’re looking for a way to take care of your skin this holiday season, preventing collagen loss can be a great place to start when working on maintaining good facial skin this year. The fall and winter seasons can be tough on your skin, especially if you live in a place like New Jersey, Boston  or New York, so it’s imperative that you take the right steps toward caring for your face and body now. Because collagen has been a growing topic of conversation in the skincare world recently, I’d like to take the time to go over the definition of collagen as well as some ways to boost your skin’s health. This essential protein is the key to keeping your face and body looking young, as you can incorporate it into your skincare regime using different products this season.

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  41. Fall Vibes, Pumpkin Skincare & Vitamin D

    Fall Vibes, Pumpkin Skincare & Vitamin D

    Even though the month of October has been flying by this season, you still have time to adjust your skincare routine to the time of year. We’ve been supporting the fight against breast cancer all month long, and, as a part of this initiative, we’re encouraging you to commit to your skin. Whether you’re planning to check yourself for symptoms of breast cancer or heal your skin after dealing with an illness of this kind, we have the information you need to take care of your body. The fall is one of the best times of year to change the way you approach skincare, so we’re also going to look at the different ways you can use seasonal trends to renew your skin this year.

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    Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in full swing, and, whether or not you’ve been keeping up with the American Cancer Society’s initiatives this October, it’s not too late to get up to date. In case you didn’t hear about the 12th annual Taste of Hope, I served as the survivor honoree this year to speak out about my battle with cancer and give hope to those who are still fighting it.

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    Hi everyone! In case you missed the blog about my birthday last week, I’ve created a special one for you to enjoy today. It was my 33rd birthday, and I couldn’t have been happier to share it my with my friends, business partners and readers in New York City.

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    Hi everybody! The air is getting cooler here in New York City, and our toasty summer is coming to a close quickly. With fall only a couple of weeks away, I hope you’ve been soaking up the warm rays of sunshine and taking care of your body at the same time. We’ve been rather busy here at Arianna Skincare while you’ve been enjoying your time at the pool and at the beach. Because we want you to revitalize your skincare routine for the fall and into the winter, my team and I have been working on exciting new ways for you to feel better about your skin this season.

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  45. How I Learned to Love MY Imperfect Skin

    How I Learned to Love MY Imperfect Skin

    Hey everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying your days of fun in the sun this summer. I’d like to check in and make sure you’re all taking care of your skin this season. Summer is a great time to focus on nourishing your body, especially if you’re spending time at the pool or beach, so I want to talk with you about the importance of skincare today. Before we touch on the many reasons why you should love your skin all year round, I’m going to show you how I’ve come to terms with the way I look and feel in my own skin. It’s taken me a long time to be confident enough to write about this topic, and I hope each and every one of you will learn from my story.

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  46. 4 Ways to Replenish Your Skin After a Day of Fun in the Sun

    4 Ways to Replenish Your Skin After a Day of Fun in the Sun

    Hey everyone! I hope your summer is off to a great start. Because I've been quite busy with the amazing reception I got from the Taste of Hope event last month, I haven't had the chance to check in with you. The evening was a success, and I'm so proud of the awareness we raised for the American Cancer Society. Now that I've shared the importance of standing up to cancer with you, let’s focus on the remaining weeks of summer ahead of us. I left you with a few skincare tips in my last post, and I’d like to build on them today, so we can all get ready for the season.

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  47. The 12th Annual Taste of Hope Survivor Honoree

    The 12th Annual Taste of Hope Survivor Honoree

    Hey everybody! I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted on our blog, but I’m back and stronger than ever this spring. Because the days are getting longer and the weather is getting nicer, there’s no better time than today to share my latest adventure in the city with you. This past May was quite an exciting time for me, as I was chosen to be honored at Taste of Hope in New York City. For those who haven’t heard of this annual event, it’s an evening where guests can try local food while raising awareness and money for cancer.

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  48. Sun Perks and Pleasure!

    Sun Perks and Pleasure!

    Hi everyone! For those of you who are hiding under the cool breeze of the AC ,and for those of you who are currently wiping the sweat off your forehead - I have only good summer vibes to spread today. It seems like time flies -at least here- while trying to juggle between all my daily tasks. I'd like to update you that my recovery process is going well, and I'm starting to see the end of it. My recovery only prove - day by day- how well my scar revision surgery went. That was just something I had to get off my chest.

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  49. Summer Skin & Scar Maintenance!

    Summer Skin & Scar Maintenance!

    Thank god this is over! I’m here to thank everybody for their support during my pre-op and post-op procedures. My scar revision surgery went very well and I am beyond happy to finally be rid from the marks I detested so much.

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  50. Happy 4th of July!

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy Independence Day Everyone! It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you ought to go, freedom is often referred to as the essence of life. It is the ability to move around, to choose what you want to do or where you want to go. To be able to live any kind of lifestyle you want; and never have it taken for granted.

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  51. Goal Achieving - Scar Disappearing!

    Goal Achieving - Scar Disappearing!

    Each person, I like to believe, has a set of beliefs and ground rules they are not willing to compromise on. The spiritual guidelines , unwritten agenda, that we follow towards a goal. When it comes to me, I think, this whole set of priorities is magnified. I do believe in a higher power and I do believe it is a good one, therefor, I’ve always tried to benefit myself but I’ve also known some things can be, and some things will be in the future.

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  52. Mother


    I remember the sounds, the warmth in the air and as the sun started to set, the cold air of the breeze. I remember silent steps and moments filled with love. As a young girl I used to walk with my mother by the beach during this time of year, just before it became too warm. We used to live nearby it which was wonderful, we could go whenever we wanted, stretch our muscles and be filled with the delightful scenery. Just me, and my mother. Even though I live far away from her nowadays, these moments we used to share are cherished in my heart forever. In fact, I just came back from a visit back home in Israel and I can tell you one thing - I might have grown up a little ever since the long walks by the beach, and my mother have grown older, but the atmosphere remains still, and we love these strolls.

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  53. Spring Into The New

    Spring Into The New

    Hello spring! Oh, the blossom and cheer is in the air. It's always been my favorite season you see, ever since I can remember. Somehow, having born in Israel and growing up around the middle east made me cherish it. Summer was way too hot to the point that you have to spend your days on the beach else you are subject to sit under the AC for hours, winter was barely a season since it only consisted of a few showers and other semi-warm days, autumn doesn’t really happen there and… spring. Spring just made everything better. Flowers begin to bloom, the weather is just on point before it gets too hot to breath, and jackets become a rare option.

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  54. Happy Women's Day From Arianna Skincare

    Happy Women's Day From Arianna Skincare

    Whatever you choose to do, know it is okay. I believe that there is not a single way to do things, there is a billion. In my opinion, you can wear your hair down and put on as much make-up as you'd like, as long as you feel whole in it. Don't let anybody call you names or degrade you. You can shine in your jumpsuit or sport your glamorous dress, run in your snickers, or sprint in your heels - do anything as long as it gets you where you want to go. The moment anything becomes uncomfortable - throw it away and keep on going! Don't let anyone control you, but be your own boss.Trust me, you can be anything you put your mind to. Step up, shout out, don't conform. We are the 51 percent!

    - Arianna Skincare Founder, Miri Torres

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  55. Learning About My Skin After Cancer

    Learning About My Skin After Cancer

    After a tough road traveled during chemo-therapy, my skin and body had been through so much. From stretchmarks to dry skin, bruises to scars, my body was inflicted with so much during those tough years. I rose from the bottom with battle scars, but with a lot of will. I started a broad research regarding everything I didn't like about my then "current imperfections". I studied and finally was able to combat these skin conditions with research on important minerals and nutrients (specifically Dead Sea Minerals), long hours at the gym, and eating healthy delicious foods. I never realized the importance of these certain factors on my skin but years later I look back and realize how much it actually has helped.

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  56. Me, New-York and My Stretch Marks

    Me, New-York and My Stretch Marks

    And there I was, I landed in the big U.S of A. Standing in the airport felt like a dream. As so many people before me came to this great land to pursue their wildest dreams, I was ecstatic. A young, fearless woman who was ready to take on the world. As I walked through JFK airport, embracing this new life I was given, I remember looking up and wondering "what is my purpose? why am I here?". After such a hard fight against cancer, I was back and knew I'd been put on this planet for a certain reason, only, I had yet to know what it was.

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  57. Walkathon, Antioxidants, and Bangs

    Walkathon, Antioxidants, and Bangs

    So let me pick up from where I left off last time – what felt at the time like the lowest point of my life. As coincidence would have it, my treatment ended on the very last day of high school. Great timing, right ….  Of course, when I showed up on campus everyone was dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate. I had not been there all year and all of a sudden I felt all eyes were on me. I didn’t look like myself and people could hardly recognize me. I had no hair and due to the drugs that I had been taking (steroids, anyone?) my face had expanded and gotten round and my body was disfigured with water retention. What was even worse was the sensation of people feeling sorry for me….

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  58. Heathly Life After Cancer

    Heathly Life After Cancer

    My name is Miri Torres and as you probably already guessed, I am a cancer survivor. Even though this experience was extremely difficult and I would not wish it on anyone, it helped shape who I am and I would not change anything about it even if I could. It made me appreciate life and it inspired me to take charge and try to be the best version of myself.

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