Dreamskin Recipe - Gift Set

Dreamskin Recipe - Gift Set

Collagen Boost Set

Collagen Boost Set

At Home Spa Day Set


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A replenishment anti-oxidant treatment.

A powerful treatment for all skin types that will create a fresh and natural glow to the skin while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increasing hydration, and reducing pore size.

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At Home Spa Day Set
At Home Spa Day Set

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    Antioxidant Black Mud Mask

    This nutrient-rich, moisturizing Antioxidant Black Mud Mask contains Vitamin E, natural plant extracts and essential oils like Jojoba, Chamomile, Borage & Evening Primrose that deeply nourish the skin as well as providing anti-aging properties of the gold, leaves minerals on the surface of your skin. Regular masks take away most minerals from the skin after the mask is removed but this magnetic vacuum system ensures that the nourishing minerals are left behind on the face making this truly, a one of a kind mask.

    Active Vitamin D Serum

    The Active Vitamin D Serum is enriched with potent antioxidants (like CO-Q10) that combat free radicals and maintain collagen. Its main ingredient, Vitamin D, is a powerful antioxidant that relieves dry skin and reduces the signs of aging. As this Serum has anti-aging properties, it improves suppleness and increases radiance. Our anti-aging Serum improves skin elasticity, increases hydration and minimizes visible pores. This Active Vitamin D Serum is a concentrated facial treatment containing a suite of active ingredients and antioxidants that defend against free radicals and help build and maintain collagen.

    Skin Renewal Facial Peel

    This Skin Renewal Gentle Cleansing Facial Peel is formulated with active minerals from the Dead Sea, Vitamins E, C, beneficial plant extracts and essential oils. Using the Skin Renewal Facial Peel facilitates penetration of other treatment products and increases their effectiveness. It contains no harsh ingredients and is especially beneficial for use with conditions like Rosacea, Sun Damage, Acne discoloration, and other skin disorders.

    Apply a quarter-sized amount of peeling gel to damp face avoiding the eye and lip area. Use the spatula that comes in the package to apply the gel; this will avoid the product to crumble. Leave it to rest in the skin’s surface for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then gently massage with fingertips using circular motions. Dead skin residue will form. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

    Using the spatula, apply a uniform layer of the Black Mud Mask to dry skin avoiding the eye area. Wait 5-10 minutes and wipe away the mask using the tissue paper-covered magnet wand. You will notice a golden layer of serum left behind. Massage the 24-carat gold serum with your fingers for nourishing effects to occur, then rinse thoroughly. Once the Antioxidant Black Mud Mask has been removed, the skin will be left golden and incredibly supple & smooth.

    Follow up using your fingertips to apply a few drops of the Active Antioxidant Vitamin C serum. Massage lightly until absorbed.

    For best results complete this treatment once a week.

    More Information
    Concerns Anti-Aging, Enlarged Pores, Hydration , Lifting & Firming, Lines & Wrinkles, Exfoliate
    Use Weekly